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database of recyclers
online reuse and material exchanges
local retailers and deconstruction firms

Database of Recyclers for Construction and Building Materials

Business Integrity Commission leaving NYCWasteLess
Registers all haulers leaving NYCWasteLess approved to remove construction and demolition waste in NYC.

American Forest and Paper Association leaving NYCWasteLess
Offers resources to find out where to recycle wood locally.

Construction Waste Management Database leaving NYCWasteLess
Contains information on companies that haul, collect, and process recyclable debris from construction projects. The database is a free online service for those seeking companies that recycle construction debris in their area.

voluntary take-back initiatives

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Online Reuse and Material Exchanges for Construction and
Building Materials

NYC WasteMatch leaving NYCWasteLess
Funded by the Department of Sanitation, New York City's materials exchange and waste reduction program matches waste generators with potential users who purchase waste to use as raw materials.

Reclaimed Home leaving NYCWasteLess
List your home materials, fixtures and furnishings that can be transformed into functional items through the forum or purchase refurbished items through the online store.

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Local Retailers and Deconstruction Firms for Construction and
Building Materials

Build It Green! NYC leaving NYCWasteLess
Build it Green! NYC is a non-profit building material reuse outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials open to the public. Their warehouse, located in Astoria Queens, has everything from panel doors to high end refrigerators and shutters to movie props. Sponsored by Community Environmental Center (CEC) leaving NYCWasteLess their mission is to keep these materials out of the landfill, while offering deep discounts on their resale.

resources for green building

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