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Neighborhood-Based Food Waste Drop-Off Sites

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NYC residents are encouraged to bring any of the items noted below to a neighborhood-based food scrap drop-off site. By composting your food scraps, you can do your part to compost more and waste less while contributing to the creation of a useful resource (finished compost) that will help make NYC cleaner and greener.

Use this Google map to see all of NYC's food scrap drop-off sites. Or click on the links below to see composting sites in each borough.

Staten Island

images: wheelbarrow of food scrapsAcceptable Food Scraps


  • fruit and vegetable scraps
  • coffee grounds, filters, & paper tea bags
  • bread and grains
  • egg shells
  • nutshells
  • corncobs
  • food-soiled paper towels and napkins
  • shredded newspaper
  • sawdust and wood shavings (from untreated wood)
  • stale beans, flour, and spices
  • cut or dried flowers
  • houseplants and potting soil
  • feathers


  • meat or fish scraps
  • cheese or dairy products
  • fats, grease, or oil AND oily foods
  • cat or dog feces; kitty litter
  • colored or glossy paper
  • sawdust made from pressure-treated plywood or lumber
  • coal or charcoal ashes
  • non-compostable materials such as plastics, metals, or glass
  • diseased and/or insect-infested houseplants/soil
  • biodegradable/compostable plastics

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