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go to: compost products and servicesComposting Equipment Products and Services

Achla Designs 
Different styles of recycled black plastic compost bins.

Arbico Organics 
Biological inoculants, compost bins.

Cascade Sales 
Vermicompost bins with multiple worm trays.

Cedar Composters 
Hand made cedar compost bins. 
Different types of compost bins. 
Compost bins.

Covered Bridge 
Manufactures large black plastic compost bins with wide open top.

Earth Machine 
Manufactures highly recommended black plastic compost bins.

Eco Value Technology Inc leaving NYCWasteLess
Manufacturer of rotary type in-vessel composters.

EM Products 
Manufactures compost buckets and various biological innoculants.

Manufacture and sell recycled plastic compost bins and compost tea maker.

Manufactures round, easily turned compost bins, and composting toilets.

Garden Gourmet Compost Bin 
Manufactures highly recommended recycled black compost bin with air vents.

Gardener's Supply Company 
Compost bins and kitchen crocks.

Gardens Alive! 
Micronutrient packets to speed up decomposition process.

Green Compost Bins 
A wide array of outdoor compost bins and indoor worm bins.

Green Cone 
Manufactures food waste digesters.

How To Compost 
Overview of different forms of composting and where to purchase compost equipment.

MasterComposter Equipment 
Supplies and information for certified master composters.

NatureMill Pro Automatic Composter 
Miniature plug-in, in vessel composting system, sleek design.

PBM Group 
Marketers of the ComposTumbler, the Back Porch ComposTumbler, and the Gardener's Greenhouse.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply 
Compost tea system, compost sifters, and a range of inoculants.

People Powered Machines 
Compost bins, electric and people powered yard tools, and a range of additional green lifestyle products.

Green cone composting system.

Garden compost bins and composting toilets.

Top Composters 
Sell several different types of high quality compost bins.

Tumbleweed Compost Bins 
Manufactures easy use tumbler bin.

Worms Way 
Compost accelerator, enviro-cycler bin.

compost bins for nyc residents
where to buy worms

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