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NYC Asbestos Control Program leaving NYCWasteLess
The NYC Dept of Environmental Protection is in charge of the City's Asbestos Control Program including guidance on and requirements for the proper handling, storing, and getting rid of asbestos-containing materials.

National Cancer Institute leaving NYCWasteLess
The US National Institute of Health's National Cancer Institute has information describing the cancer risks of asbestos exposure.

US Center for Disease Control Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry leaving NYCWasteLess
The CDC has a site devoted to the health effects associated with asbestos.

US Environmental Protection Agency leaving NYCWasteLess
The US Environmental Protection Agency has a webpage devoted to asbestos risk information leaving NYCWasteLess at homes, in schools, and in products and buildings. The EPA also answers frequently asked questions leaving NYCWasteLess about asbestos in schools, and has published a series of asbestos-in-school publications leaving NYCWasteLess.

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