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Recycling Setup Helpful Links

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school recycling setup
workplace recycling setup
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recycling in nyc
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School Recycling Setup

NYC DOE Chancellor's Regulations on Recycling and Waste Reduction leaving NYCWasteLess (pdf)
Schools are required by NYC law to recycle. The NYC Dept of Education Chancellor's Regulations A-850 detailing how public schools are to implement recycling were first issued soon after recycling became mandatory in NYC, and are periodically updated to describe DOE's current operational and reporting requirements for schools.

NYC DOE Sustainability Initiative leaving NYCWasteLess
The NYC Department of Education's Division of School Facilities leaving NYCWasteLess devotes a section of their website to the NYC DOE Sustainability Initiative leaving NYCWasteLess describing energy management, recycling, and waste prevention mandates and initiatives.

NYC DOE School Recycling and Waste Reduction Plan template leaving NYCWasteLess (doc)
Sustainability Coordinators and their principals should consult with representatives from all sectors of the school, including food services and custodial staff, and wherever possible, parents and students, in developing and implementing the school recycling and waste reduction plan.

UFT Green Schools Committee leaving NYCWasteLess
Started by teachers interesting in establishing sustainable practices in their schools, the UFT Green Schools Committee leaving NYCWasteLess offers periodic workshops on a variety of issues including composting, school gardens, energy efficiency, reducing styrofoam lunchtray use, sustainable school food, green roofs, and environmental education; and a listserv for sharing information and upcoming events.

golden apple awards: super recyclers
recycling in schools
info for schools

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Workplace Recycling Setup

How to Implement an Office Recycling Program leaving NYCWasteLess
Midpoint International, Inc leaving NYCWasteLess, a Canadian manufacturer of recycling containers made from recycled materials, has an online guide explaining How to Implement Office Recycling Programs and helpful Recycling Slogans, Catch-Phrases & Facts leaving NYCWasteLess.

Recycling In the Workplace leaving NYCWasteLess
The American Forest and Paper Association's website leaving NYCWasteLess offers a guide to starting an office recycling program leaving NYCWasteLess (pdf). You can create and print out their personalized recycling sign or poster leaving NYCWasteLess, tailored to your own workplace paper recycling program.

Waste Prevention and Recycling at the Office leaving NYCWasteLess
The State of California includes this quick guide for waste-conscious businesses on their webpage.

recycling in nyc
get rid of stuff

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Home Recycling Setup

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) leaving NYCWasteLess
NRDC NYC's webpage on NYC's Residential Recycling Program includes information and helpful tips.

what and how to recycle
info for residents
info for apartment building managers

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