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Buy Recycled Product Directory leaving NYCWasteLess
New York State Empire State Development's Buy Recycled Product Directory provides information on manufacturers making recycled content products in New York State.

California's Buy Recycled Program leaving NYCWasteLess
California Integrated Waste Management Board's website includes a description of California's Buy Recycled Program including a database of recycled-content products leaving NYCWasteLess, which provides information about numerous products with recycled content and their manufacturers. Also, their RecycleStore leaving NYCWasteLess showcases innovative recycled-content products produced in Recycling Market Development Zones leaving NYCWasteLess.

Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines leaving NYCWasteLess
USEPA's Resources Conservation section offers Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines provide a list of the products with recycled content that have been designated for government purchase, along with recommended practices for buying these products. Agencies using federal funds are required to purchase designated products with the highest recovered-material content level practicable.

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) leaving NYCWasteLess
The International Sustainable Development Foundation implements the Green Electronics Council (GEC) leaving NYCWasteLess which aspires to encourage sustainable design of electronic equipment. GEC's Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a procurement tool that can help encourage purchasers to compare desktop computers, notebooks, and monitors based on their environmental attributes. The criteria is based on eight environmental performance categories, with products labeled bronze, silver, or gold dependent on the amount of criteria the product meets.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Corporate Partnerships leaving NYCWasteLess
Check out the reports of Corporate Partnerships, a project of Environmental Defense Fund, to learn about preferred packaging practices and buying recycled-content paperboard and recycled coated sheet paper.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guide leaving NYCWasteLess
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) leaving NYCWasteLess site includes advice on establishing environmental criteria and examples of model programs. The Minnesota Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guide is an easy-to-use reference tool for 30 "green" products, including less-toxic cleaners, refurbished furniture, and water-saving bathroom fixtures, as well as sample specifications and contract language.

Environmentally Preferable Products Procurement Program leaving NYCWasteLess
Massachusetts's Environmentally Preferable Products Procurement Program includes state contracts for environmental products, reports on state agency pilot projects with various recycled products, and describes Massachusetts' efforts to increase the purchase of environmentally preferable products.

Environmental Products and Services Guide leaving NYCWasteLess
The United States General Services Administration (GSA) website contains the Environmental Products and Services Guide to help you choose more environmentally preferable alternative products.

Environmentally Preferable Products in the Federal Logistics Information System leaving NYCWasteLess
The Sustainability Technical Library leaving NYCWasteLess, an official U.S. Navy program, hosts Environmentally Preferable Products in the Federal Logistics Information System, a report that lists over 1500 products in the Federal Catalog System.

Government Purchasing Project leaving NYCWasteLess
The Center for Study of Responsive Law, a not-for-profit research and educational organization, heads the Government Purchasing Project. The project is dedicated to protecting the environment and human health by encouraging the government to use its purchasing power to promote safe, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally sound products. Their publications include a book entitled Forty Ways to Make Government Purchasing Green, and information on reducing wood and paper use.

Green Purchasing Guide leaving NYCWasteLess
National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) leaving NYCWasteLess publishes guides for procurement officials as well as vendors and also sponsors a Green Purchasing Guide.

Green Seal leaving NYCWasteLess
Green Seal is a nonprofit organization that promotes the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services.

Growing a Buy Recycled Purchasing Program: A Manager's Guide leaving NYCWasteLess
Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF) leaving NYCWasteLess produced the publication Growing a Buy Recycled Purchasing Program: A Manager's Guide as part of their Green Biz Toolbox leaving NYCWasteLess.

Guide to Environmentally Preferable Computer Purchasing leaving NYCWasteLess
Visit the Northwest Product Stewardship Council leaving NYCWasteLess website to access the Guide to Environmentally Preferable Computer Purchasing to learn more about environmentally preferable products and additional resources for model criteria and contracts.

Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims 260.7(e) Recycled content leaving NYCWasteLess
The Federal Trade Comission's guidance about the use of environmental marketing claims.

Institutional Purchasing Program leaving NYCWasteLess
The Center for a New American Dream's Institutional Purchasing Program helps state and local governments and other large purchasers incorporate environmental considerations into purchasing decisions.

Local Government Energy-Efficient Product Procurement Program (GEEP-NY) leaving NYCWasteLess
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers information on energy-efficient and environmentally preferable products through their Energy$mart leaving NYCWasteLess program, and their Local Government Energy-Efficient Product Procurement Program (GEEP-NY).

OIKOS Green Product Information leaving NYCWasteLess
Links to vendors.

National Green Pages leaving NYCWasteLess
Co-Op America leaving NYCWasteLess is a nationional not-for-profit consumer organization promoting environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic stability. Look to their National Green Pages to find and support companies that promote only responsibly-produced wood and paper products leaving NYCWasteLess.

NYC's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program leaving NYCWasteLess
New York City Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS) manages NYC's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program. Purchasing standards and rules are available, including standards for both goods and construction products.

Office of the Federal Environmental Executive (OFEE) leaving NYCWasteLess
OFEE provides information on the latest federal government efforts to implement recycled-content and environmentally preferable purchasing among federal agencies.

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) leaving NYCWasteLess
PPRC and their P2 News bulletin leaving NYCWasteLess detail the process and competitive advantage to businesses buying green. Also see their Green Procurement leaving NYCWasteLess topic hub with pertinent online resources.

Procurement and Environmental Purchasing leaving NYCWasteLess
Resources from Washington State's King County Solid Waste Division's Procurement and Environmental Purchasing program include a policy statement, bids, and contract specifications for recycled and waste preventing products, as well as descriptions of staff experiences in using these products.

Purchasing Practices That Encourage Regulatory Compliance And Pollution Prevention leaving NYCWasteLess
Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN) leaving NYCWasteLess is a forum and clearinghouse of environmental information for local government, including tools and resources such as Purchasing Practices That Encourage Regulatory Compliance And Pollution Prevention.

Reusable Transport Packaging Directory leaving NYCWasteLess
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Reusable Transport Packaging Directory provides a searchable list of suppliers of reusable packaging for businesses across the United States, as well as helpful information on transport packaging including case studies and links.

Recycled Products Guide (RPG) leaving NYCWasteLess
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection created the Recycled Products Guide (RPG) which offers an easy-to-access list of recycled products, including building materials, office supplies, and promotional items, and an alphabetical list of product manufacturers.

Recycled Products Cooperative leaving NYCWasteLess
This Coop offers businesses and government entities quality recycled office products at prices that meet or beat the cost of virgin products.

Recycler's World, Inc leaving NYCWasteLess
Find used and recycled furniture leaving NYCWasteLess through links on this company's world-wide trading site.

Recycling Data Management Corporation leaving NYCWasteLess
Recycling Data Management Corporation offers a subscription to The Official Recycled Products Guide, listing more than 650 manufacturers and distributors that market more than 4,000 recycled products in 700 categories.

Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB) leaving NYCWasteLess
TRIB is a worldwide industry association promoting the economic and environmental benefits of retreading and repairing tires. The website includes a Retread Tire Buyers Guide with a directory of suppliers.

USEPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program leaving NYCWasteLess
Learn about USEPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program. The site offers guidance, descriptions of pilot projects, success stories, and access to the latest program updates, including a searchable EPP Contracts and Standards Database. It also features Hand-On Tools leaving NYCWasteLess for purchasing tips, strategies, and success stories - and the multimedia EPP training tool. The Agency's National Risk Management Research Laboratory leaving NYCWasteLess also provides resources and promotes the use of life cycle assessment to make more informed purchasing decisions.

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