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Catalog Choice leaving NYCWasteLess
The free service that lets you reduce unwanted mail, catalogs, and choose how you hear from merchants.

Credit Card OptOut PreScreen leaving NYCWasteLess
Remove your name from lists for credit card offers online or by calling this toll-free number: 1-888-5-OPTOUT.

Direct Marketing Association (DMA) leaving NYCWasteLess
DMA offers links for getting off mailing lists and reducing those annoying telemarketing calls. Start by registering. leaving NYCWasteLess

Do It Yourself: Stop Junk Mail leaving NYCWasteLess
Obvious Implementations Corporation, an electronics and computer consulting and manufacturing firm, hosts the Do It Yourself: Stop Junk Mail page, which offers numerous suggestions for reducing junk mail.

Do Not Mail leaving NYCWasteLess
Sign the Do Not Mail petition to create a national do not mail registry; remove your name from mailing lists, learn how to advocate in your city for a do not mail registry, read editorials and blogs about junkmail.

Stop Junk Mail Forever leaving NYCWasteLess
More information on how to reduce junk mail can be found in a publication called Stop Junk Mail Forever, produced by Good Advice Press in Elizaville, NY.

USPS 2010 Household Diary Study leaving NYCWasteLess
A United States Postal Service report that documents mail trends over time.

Yellow Pages Consumer Choice leaving NYCWasteLess
Two leading industry associations, the Yellow Pages Association and the Association of Directory Publishers, have partnered to implement an opt out program for the delivery of yellow page directories. Because some customers receive directories from more than one publisher, this system allows the user to opt out of receiving all, or only some, of these products.

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