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Frequently Asked Questions — General


Where can I return deposit cans and bottles?

How scavenging impacts NYC's recycling program?

Who picks up my trash and recycling? 

How does recycling differ from waste prevention?

Where can I donate or sell reusable stuff?

What happens to recyclables collected by Sanitation?

Why does NYC recycle beverage cartons with bottles and cans?

What paper can't be recycled in NYC's paper recycling program?

How do I get recycling info in other languages?

What do I do with old vehicle license plates? 

What is the NYC Department of Sanitation doing to reduce waste?

Where can I get recycling bins?

Can I recycle other plastics besides bottles & jugs?

What about plastic bags?

Why isn't there more public space recycling in NYC?

How do I request a speaker?

Can I arrange a tour of a landfill or recycling plant?

Why doesn't NYC charge for trash collection in order to promote recycling?

I'm writing a research paper; where can I find information?

Whom do I contact about getting a job with BWPRR?

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