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Metal, Glass & Plastic Recyclables


All the metal, glass, and plastic recyclables that the Department collects for recycling goes to Sims Metal Management Municipal Recycling. Sims uses their waterfront facilities to accept, process, and then transport NYC's recyclables, which minimizes truck traffic on busy city streets.

As part of the company's long-term contract with NYC, Sims built a new, state-of-the-art materials recovery facility at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal. (See flickr photos.) The completed facility (which opened in December 2013) will further minimize truck traffic because it will be capable of receiving barged materials and shipping out processed materials via both barge and rail.

To help New Yorkers understand the recycling process, the company constructed a Recycling Education Center on the site, which opened September 2014.

See sorting recyclables for info on how materials are separated and sorted. Also see the recycling facility and GoPro videos from Business Insider.

In January 2009, DSNY and Sims Municipal Recycling of New York started their initial 23-year term agreement to process all the designated metal, glass, and plastic recyclables collected by DSNY. The agreement allows for the addition of 150,000 tons of commingled paper. The agreement also contains provisions for 17-year renewal in 2032 and for a potential full term of 40 years.

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