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TrashMasters! Super Recyclers
Contest Entry Submission

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TrashMasters! Super Recyclers honors NYC DOE schools for implementing model recycling programs in compliance with NYC recycling regulations.

Use this form to upload a PDF of your entry for this contest. Make sure that your entry answers all the contest entry questions on the Super Recyclers contest info page.

See how to reduce file size and other technical assistance with your Golden Apple Awards online submission.

All entries must be submitted on or before Friday, May 1, 2015. Contact BWPRR if you have any questions or problems.

NOTE: fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


School Information
School Number   
Official School Name*   
School Also Known As   
School Street Address*   
School City*   
School Zip Code*   
School District   
School Fax*   
School Type*     
Principal Information
First Name*   
Last Name*   
Phone*      Ext. 
Contest Entry Information
Grade Division*     
Contest Entry Title*
(10 words or less)
Contest Entry Summary*
(one short paragraph)
We Compost  Our school composts outdoors, or indoors with worm bins.
Contest Coordinator Info(must be a teacher or administrator employed at the school)
First Name*   
Last Name*   
If "Other",
please specify
Describe Affiliation   
Email at School*   
Alternate Email   
Preferred Email   
School Phone*      Ext. 
Alternate Phone      Ext. 
Alternate Phone Type   
Custodian Information
First Name*   
Last Name*   
Phone*      Ext. 
Student Involvement
Student participation — core group #   
Student participation — total #   
School population — total #   
Attach Your Contest Entry
Upload one (1) PDF document containing your responses to the contest entry questions for TrashMasters! Super Recyclers. The file cannot exceed 3 MB in size. In order for your file to be uploaded, you must click the Submit button below.

Before uploading, make sure that the PDF file of your contest entry is appropriate and relevant to the Super Recyclers Golden Apple Awards contest.

By uploading this file, you agree that the City may use the content within for whatever purposes it sees fit. The City cannot return or delete files that you did not intend to submit, even if those files are personal in nature. Individuals who submit offensive or harassing files not related to City business may be liable for violations of law.

Please carefully review the information that you have entered before hitting the submit button. Please do not click Submit more than once; doing so may delay processing.
 Thank you!
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