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Sustainability Coordinators

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Best practices for establishing an effective recycling program include appointing an adult sustainability coordinator for your school.

See prior year Golden Apple Awards winners in our TrashMasters! Super Recyclers contests for examples of model school recycling programs, and how Recycling Clubs or Green Teams can help.

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NYC Department of Education Sustainability Coordinators

Here are the NYC Department of Education requirements leaving NYCWasteLess for Sustainability Coordinators in public schools:

  • Each principal must designate a School Sustainability Coordinator from administrative or teaching (not custodial) staff.recycling training
  • The School Sustainability Coordinator and principal shall consult with representatives from all sectors of the school, including food services and custodial staff, and wherever possible, parents and students, in developing and implementing the School Recycling and Waste Reduction Plan. See the DOE Sustainability website leaving NYCWasteLess for details.

FOR 2014-15 Academic Year:

  • By September 30, 2014, all DOE schools, charter schools within DOE buildings, charter schools in private buildings that receive DSNY service, and administrative buildings must designate a Sustainability Coordinator.
  • All designated sustainability coordinators must submit a school sustainability plan by October 31st, 2014. The plan includes what programs and activities schools are performing to make them more sustainable. 
  • Sustainability coordinators must post the completed school recycling plan and notify their school community about what and how to recycle in accordance with the plan.
  • Coordinators and other interested staff are urged to attend related trainings and professional development programs presented by DSNY and other partner agencies and organizations.

At campus schools (housing more than one school), it is recommended that the Sustainability Coordinators and custodial staff from each school meet periodically to discuss and coordinate the recycling activities for the entire building.

Inquiries about these requirements should be addressed to the DOE Division of School Facilities.leaving NYCWasteLess

Use the site visit request form to arrange for a DSNY Recycling Outreach specialist to attend a building-wide meeting or your individual school.

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