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NYC Business Recycling:
Implementation & Notice Requirements

tenants or occupants


Owners or persons responsible for arranging for private carter collection must:

  • Enter into a written agreement with a carter or recycler for the recycling, reuse, or sale of designated recyclable materials. A copy of this agreement must be provided to DSNY upon request.
  • Notify tenants, occupants, and/or employees in writing about what and how to recycle. A copy of such notification must be provided to DSNY upon request.
  • Provide recycling containers in public areas where designated recyclables are normally generated (see where to buy recycling bins).
  • Post and maintain signs in areas where trash is collected and/or stored about what to recycle and collection procedures.

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Tentants or occupants that generate carter-collected waste must:

  •  open pdf of bottles & cans recycling sign

     open pdf of paper recycling sign
    Source-separate designated recyclables.
  • Notify employees, customers, and clients of applicable source-separation requirements by posting and maintaining signs that explain what and how to recycle.
  • Post recycling signs in common areas routinely visited by employees, customers, clients, and/or others lawfully on site.
  • Clearly label recycling containers to be used by customers, clients, or others lawfully on site so that it is clear what is to be recycled (see where to buy recycling bins).
  • See enforcement and penalties.
  • Also see tenants in commercial buildings.

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