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Apartment Building Recycling Initiative
Registration Form for BUILDING RESIDENTS

NYC Apartment Building Recycling Initiative (ABRI)To sign up for the NYC Apartment Building Recycling Initiative, please complete the registration form below if you are a building resident.

If you work for a residential management company, please use the form for management companies. If you are part of the building staff, please use the form for building staff.

Upon receipt of your registration, we will contact you to confirm your enrollment and to let you know when the next training session will be held.

If you have questions about the program, please contact BWPRR.

NOTE: fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Contact Info
What is your role in the building?*   resident
  board member
  green committee member
Specify other,
if indicated above
First Name*  
Last Name*  
Phone*     Ext. 
Phone Type*  
Apt #*  
Why do you want to participate in this program?  
Building Info
Building or Complex Name
(if applicable)

Address 1*  
Address 2  
Zip Code  
# of Units in Building  
Is there a front desk?*   Yes
Is there an on-site superintendent or building manager?*   Yes
Building Management Info
Management Company*  
Contact Person
First Name*
Contact Person
Last Name*
Phone*     Ext.  
Whom should we contact to arrange a site visit?
Important Note: We only arrange site visits after participants have attended a training session.
First Name  
Last Name  
Phone     Ext. 
Phone Type  
Terms & Conditions
Successful recycling requires cooperation among building management, building staff, and building residents. I agree to work within existing management procedures to improve recycling operations in my building. I understand my activities are limited to areas in and around the building normally available to all residents. The management company in charge of my building (identified above) is aware of and approves my participation in this program.
Do you agree to these Terms & Conditions?*   Yes
Please note: if you select "No," we will be unable to honor your registration.
On-Site Training Request (optional)
We can schedule on-site trainings for at least 10 participants of a particular building or complex as long as each attendee is registered in the ABRI program. We also offer trainings to people from more than one building (such as a block association), provided each attendee is registered in the program. On-site trainings for real estate and property management companies can also be arranged.
Important Note: In order for us to be able to consider your on-site training request, you must provide at least 10 business days of advance notice.
Date for proposed training    
Time for proposed training  
# of participants anticipated  
Name of
proposed training location
Address 1  
Address 2  
Zip Code  
Training Organizer
First Name
Training Organizer
Last Name
Training Organizer Title  
Training Organizer
Daytime Phone
Training Organizer Email    

Please enter the letters you see in the graphic below (letters are not case-sensitive).*
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Please carefully review the information that you have entered before hitting the submit button. Please do not submit the same message more than once; doing so may delay processing.
Thank you!
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