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NY State Waste Transporter Law

See: waste transporters leaving NYCWasteLess at NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation

Law: Laws of NY State leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Environmental Conservation Law (ENV), Article 27, Title 3: Waste Transporter Permits)

Regulations: NY Codes, Rules and Regulations leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Title 6, Chapter IV, Part 364: Waste Transporter Permits) Regulations also posted at NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation leaving NYCWasteLess

Summary: The NY State Environmental Conservation Law requires transporters of waste regulated by the NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation to be permitted, and follow strict standards and reporting requirements. Regulated wastes include hazardous waste, hazardous and nonhazardous commercial/industrial waste, waste oil, petroleum-contaminated soil, medical waste, waste tires, asbestos, septage, sewage and sewage-contaminated wastes, sludge from swate treatment or water supply treatment plants, or low-level radioactive waste. Some exemptions apply, including for transporters of small quantities of universal waste.

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