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NY State Waste Tire Management and Recycling Act

See: info for residents: tires and info for businesses: tires 

Law: Laws of NY State leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Environmental Conservation Law (ENV), Article 27, Title 19: Waste Tire Management and Recycling)

Regulations: NY Codes, Rules and Regulations leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Title 6, Chapter IV, Subchapter B Solid Wastes, Part 360-13: Waste Tire Storage Facilities) Part 374 Regulations also posted at NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation leaving NYCWasteLess

Summary: The Waste Tire Management and Recycling Act of 2003 leaving NYCWasteLess was enacted to ensure the proper management of waste tires in NY State. This Law established a waste tire management and recycling fee per new tire sold to be deposited in a Waste Tire Management and Recycling Fund, and required the NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) to prepare a comprehensive plan to abate all noncompliant waste tire stockpiles in the state. Landfilling of waste tires is prohibited unless NYSDEC determines that it is not feasible to convert the waste tires to a beneficial use. Tire service centers must accept from customers used tires of an equivalent size and quantity of new tires purchased or installed.

NYSDEC also regulates waste tire storage facilities and waste tire processing facilities.

ny state solid waste and resource recovery facilities law

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