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NY State Mercury-Added Consumer Product Law

See: managing mercury-added consumer products leaving NYCWasteLess at NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation

UPDATE: The NY State Governor signed Chapter 20 of the Laws of 2011 leaving NYCWasteLess updating the Mercury-Added Consumer Product Law as of January 2012. See Amendments for more info.

Law: Laws of NY State leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Environmental Conservation Law (ENV), Article 27, Title 21: Mercury-Added Consumer Products)

Summary: The Mercury-Added Consumer Product Law, originally enacted as Chapter 145 of the Laws of 2004 leaving NYCWasteLess, bans the sale of mercury-added novelty products, mercury-fever thermometers, mercury thermostats (effective January 2012) and other mercury containing products (effective January 2012) in NY State. Sale of elemental mercury is banned, except for certain scientific, dental, and manufacturing uses.

The law sets labeling requirements for products containing mercury, and requires proper disposal or recycling of mercury-added consumer products, which includes items such as thermostats, thermometers, switches, medical or scientific instruments, electrical relays, lamps (i.e. bulbs) and batteries (excluding button batteries), according to hazardous waste or universal waste standards. Incineration of waste containing mercury is banned.

The law also prohibits primary and secondary schools from purchasing or using mercury-added products.

Amendments: Chapter 676 of the Laws of 2005 amended the law to ban the sale of certain mercury products including mercury-containing novelty products and thermometers. Chapter 611 of the Laws of 2006 leaving NYCWasteLess expands the law to phase out the use of mercury-added components in motor vehicles. This amendment also establishes a state purchasing preference for motor vehicles which are mercury free. Chapter 20 of the Laws of 2011 added a ban on the sale of mercury thermostats, sphygmomanometers, relays, and sensors effective January 2012.

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