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NY State Used Electronic Equipment Management Regulations

See: used electronic equipment leaving NYCWasteLess and guidance for collectors, dismantlers and recyclers leaving NYCWasteLess at NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation

Law: Laws of NY State leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Environmental Conservation Law (ENV), Article 27: Collection, Treatment and Disposal of Refuse and Other Solid Waste, Titles 11-14)

Regulations: NY Codes, Rules and Regulations leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Title 6, Chapter IV, Part 370-375: Hazardous Waste Management System) Regulations also posted at NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation leaving NYCWasteLess

Summary: NY State regulates the management of used electronic equipment containing hazardous compounds, such as lead, cadmium and mercury, through its hazardous waste and recycling & processing facilities regulations.

Businesses are prohibited from discarding used electronics in the solid waste stream, and must utilize electronic equipment collectors, dismantlers and recyclers for proper disposal. NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation allows used electronic equipment to be exempted from regulation as hazardous waste if the material is going to be taken to a scrap metal reclaimer by filing a "c7" scrap metal exemption (pdf) leaving NYCWasteLess.

Used electronics from households are currently not regulated as hazardous waste. The NYS Electronics Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act will ban the disposal of certain electronics by individuals and households by 2015, and requires a manufacturer take-back program to handle household electronic waste.

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