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NY State Bedding Law

See: manufacturer, repairer-renovator, or rebuilder of bedding leaving NYCWasteLess at NY State Dept of State, Division of Licensing Services; resale and donation laws

Law: Laws of NY State leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for General Business Law (GBS), Article 25-A: Articles of Bedding)

Regulations: Proposed Regulations leaving NYCWasteLess at NY State Dept of State, Division of Licensing Services

Summary: NY State passed a Bedding Law as part of Chapter 309 of 1996. This law requires manufacturers of new and used bedding, repairer-renovators or rebuilders of bedding, and sellers of used bedding to register with the NY Dept of State and affirm that the bedding has been sanitized in accordance with standards established by regulation. The law also details labeling requirements for new and used bedding. The Dept of State has proposed regulations for this law further defining labeling requirements, and detailing sanitization and encasement standards for used bedding.

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