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NYC Solid Waste Management Plan


See: comprehensive solid waste management plan leaving NYCWasteLess at NYC Dept of Sanitation

Law: NYC Administrative Code leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Title 16, Chapter 1, Section 16-140: Solid Waste Management Plan)

Summary: NYC is tasked by NY State Solid Waste Management Policy to develop and periodically update a solid waste management plan (SWMP) leaving NYCWasteLess. The state approved the City's first SWMP in 1992. A 1996 SWMP Update and Modification focused on the expansion of recycling. A 2000 SWMP Modification defined the phased closure of Fresh Kills Landfill. The 2006 SWMP provides a framework for establishing an "effective, reliable, and environmentally sound system" for managing the City's waste over the next 20 years. This planning document addresses three primary areas: waste prevention and recycling, long term export, and commercial waste.

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