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NYC Law Minimizing Hazardous Substances in Procurement


See: purchasing standards for NYC agencies; environmentally preferable purchasing leaving NYCWasteLess at Mayor's Office of Contract Services

Law: NYC Administrative Code leaving NYCWasteLess (Title 6, Chapter 3, Subchapter 5: Hazardous Substances)

Rules: Rules of the City of New York leaving NYCWasteLess (Title 43, Chapter 11, Subchapter 2: Hazardous Substances)

Summary: Local Law 120 of 2005 leaving NYCWasteLess promotes the reduction of hazardous substances in products purchased and used by the City. The law requires the procurement of environmentally preferable alternatives where practicable. It also requires the City, unless directed by subsequent laws, to develop a plan to reuse or recycle covered electronic devices purchased or leased by the City.

The Rules define what products and hazardous substances are covered, and ban or restrict the amount of covered hazardous substances in covered products that are purchased or leased by the City.

This law is one of a series of environmentally preferable purchasing laws that cover goods and construction products.

History: This law was preceded by and incorporates the elements of previous laws and waste prevention and efficient materials management directives that promote the procurement of environmentally preferable products that minimize hazardous content.

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