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Packaging Reduction Guidelines for Agencies


See: purchasing standards for NYC agencies; environmentally preferable purchasing leaving NYCWasteLess at the Mayor's Office of Contracting Services.

Law: NYC Administrative Code leaving NYCWasteLess (Title 6, Chapter 3: Environmental Purchasing, Subchapter 7: Packaging Reduction)

Rules: Rules of the City of New York leaving NYCWasteLess (Title 43, Chapter 11: Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program)

Summary: The City Council passed a local law requiring the director of citywide purchasing to establish packaging reduction guidelines for contractors with city agencies. The law suggests that guidelines include but not be limited to the elimination of packaging or use of the minimum amount necessary for product protection; use of packaging that is recyclable or reusable; and contractor reuse of pallets and packaging materials. While passed as a separate piece of legislation, this environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) law acts in conjunction with the EPP laws of 2005.

The Rules guiding environmentally preferable purchasing are developed and maintained by the Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS) leaving NYCWasteLess.

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