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NYC Commercial Recycling Law


See: nyc business recycling

UPDATE: The New York City Council leaving NYCWasteLess passed 11 Local Laws in 2010 to update and expand the NYC Recycling Laws. See Amendments for changes specific to the NYC Commercial Recycling Law

Law: NYC Administrative Code leaving NYCWasteLess (Title 16, Chapter 3, Subchapter 2, Section 16-306: Private Carter-collected Waste)

Rules: Rules of the City of New York leaving NYCWasteLess (Title 16, Chapter 1, Section 16-110: Recycling of Private Carter-collected Waste)

Summary: The Commercial Recycling Law was enacted as Local Law 87 of 1992 as an amendment to the NYC Recycling Law to further mandate recycling by businesses and buildings who have their waste collected by a private carter or recycler. The Rules, developed and enforced by the DSNYleaving NYCWasteLess define for generators of commercial waste the designated recyclable materials, setout, and reporting requirements.

Local Law 50 of 2007 leaving NYCWasteLess amended the recycling law related to commercial waste by increasing the penalties for those who use a vehicle to unlawfully remove or transport recyclables intended for pickup by DSNY leaving NYCWasteLess or a licensed hauler; and mandating reporting requirements for those who receive DSNY leaving NYCWasteLess refuse collection, but choose to receive private collection of recyclables.

Local Law 32 of 2010 leaving NYCWasteLess requires the completion of a study of commercial recycling as called for in the 2006 Solid Waste Management Plan.

nyc commercial waste removal law

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