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NYC Agency and Institution Recycling Law
(Including Nonprofits and Schools)


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UPDATE: Rules of the City of New York leaving NYCWasteLess (Title 16, Chapter 1, Section 1-09: City Agency and Institutional Recycling) The NYC Department of Sanitation has expanded its Collection Rule to include additional rigid plastics that were not previously accepted.

Law: NYC Administrative Code leaving NYCWasteLess (Title 16, Chapter 3, Subchapter 2: Citywide Recycling Program)

Rules: Rules of the City of New York leaving NYCWasteLess (Title 16, Chapter 1, Section 1-09: City Agency and Institutional Recycling)

Summary: NYC's city agency and institutional recycling law comprises a portion of the NYC Recycling Law. It mandates the designation of recyclable materials and describes the recycling program requirements for the various generators and carters of waste. The Rules, developed and enforced by the DSNY leaving NYCWasteLess identify designated recyclable materials, detail set out and collection requirements, including source-separation, and enforcement.

Local Law 36 of 2010 leaving NYCWasteLess requires City Agencies to submit to DSNY a waste prevention, reuse, and recycling plan; to designate a lead recycling/sustainability coordinator for the agency and additional recycling/sustainability coordinators for each building; to maintain labeled recycling containers in their buildings; and to submit an annual report on the status, progress, and next steps regarding waste prevention, reuse, and recycling.

Local Law 41 of 2010 leaving NYCWasteLess mandates the same for public and private schools, and also requires the Department of Education (DOE) leaving NYCWasteLess to designate a sustainability director to oversee and coordinate the implementation of waste prevention, reuse, and recycling policies and plans for all DOE leaving NYCWasteLess programs and facilities receiving DSNY leaving NYCWasteLess collection service.

Local Law 34 of 2010 leaving NYCWasteLess requires DSNY leaving NYCWasteLess to provide instructional workshops, training curricula, and other relevant material to employees of city agencies on recycling, and leaf and yard waste composting.

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