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Laws and Directives


Various laws and policies that relate to solid waste management including recycling, composting, source reduction, handling and disposal of hazardous waste, and take-back programs in NYC are summarized in the categories listed below. Some laws may be cross referenced in more than one category. These summaries are intended for general information only.

Describes how local, state, and federal legislation is created and codified into law, and how rules and regulations are created, codified, and enforced by governmental agencies.

Describes the various local, state, and federal laws and policies that guide overall solid waste management and waste prevention policy.

Describes local, state, and federal laws and policies related to NYC's curbside recycling collection program.

Composting / Organics
Describes local, state, and federal laws that address certain organic components of the waste stream.

Describes local, state, and federal "take-back" and product stewardship laws that involve the return of certain types of used products to a retailer, manufacturer, or charity for reuse or recycling.

Toxics Reduction and Handling
Describes local, state, and federal legislation that targets reducing the use and manufacture of various materials considered toxic or hazardous.

Describes local, state, and federal laws that include special disposal requirements including special handling and disposal bans of certain materials.

Environmental Purchasing
Describes laws that relate to the purchase and use of products made from recycled materials.

Sales and Marketing Laws
Describes local, state, and federal laws that relate to the purchase and use of environmentally preferable products by government agencies and other entities.

Source Reduction
Describes various state and federal laws that detail requirements for the labeling and sale of certain regulated products, and that guide the marketing of "green" products.

All Laws

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