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Federal Universal Waste Rule

See: universal wastes leaving NYCWasteLess at US Environmental Protection Agency

Law: US Code leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Title 42, Chapter 82, Subchapter III: Hazardous Waste Management)

Regulations: US Code of Federal Regulations leaving NYCWasteLess (Search for Title 40, Chapter I, Subchapter I, Part 273: Standards for Universal Waste Management)

Summary: The Universal Waste Rule, originally issued by USEPA in 1995 as Standards for Universal Waste Management, is a modification of the Hazardous Waste Rules of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The Rule provides an alternate set of management standards for the handling of certain commonly-generated "universal" hazardous wastes, which otherwise would be subject to full hazardous waste regulation requirements under RCRA. It covers small quantity generators, large quantity generators, transporters and destination facilities. It serves to reduce the regulatory burden for these wastes, but still requires compliance with hazardous waste transport and disposal regulations.

Universal wastes, as covered under the Rule, include hazardous batteries, hazardous mercury-containing thermostats, certain pesticides, and hazardous lamps. States can adopt and modify the federal universal waste rule and add additional universal waste(s) in state-level hazardous waste regulations.

federal hazardous waste management regulations
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ny state universal waste rule

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