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Local, State, and Federal Laws


Describes all related local, state, and federal legislation. Also see:



nyc asbestos abatement law
nyc asbestos transport, storage, and disposal law
nyc christmas tree collection law
nyc city agency & institution recycling law
nyc clean air taxi and for-hire laws
nyc climate protection act
nyc commercial organics law
nyc commercial recycling law
nyc commercial waste removal law
nyc consumer protection law
nyc diesel generator standards law
nyc dry cleaner regulations
nyc electronic equipment recycling and reuse act (superseded by ny state electronics recycling and reuse act)
nyc energy efficient products procurement and usage law
nyc environmentally preferable purchasing laws
nyc fresh kills landfill closure agreement
nyc green building law 
nyc green cleaning products procurement law
nyc greener, greater buildings plan
nyc household hazardous waste collection law
nyc law minimizing hazardous substances in procurement
nyc licensing law
nyc long-term sustainability plan
nyc motor vehicle standards laws
nyc packaging reduction law
nyc paint stewardship pilot law
nyc pesticide notification law
nyc pesticide usage law
nyc plastic carryout bag recycling law (superseded by ny state plastic bag recycling law)
nyc polystyrene foam packaging law
nyc public space recycling law
nyc rechargeable battery recycling law (effective December 5, 2011,
superseded by ny state rechargeable battery law)
nyc recycled content products procurement law
nyc recycling law
nyc refrigerant recycling law
nyc residential recycling law
nyc sanitation department laws and rules
nyc second-hand dealer laws and rules
nyc solid waste management plan
nyc street event recycling law
nyc supplemental collection law
nyc textile collection bin laws
nyc unlawful removal and acceptance of recyclable material
nyc vehicle engine idling laws
nyc yard waste composting law
nyc waste prevention and efficient materials management directives

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ny state asbestos training law
ny state auto battery regulations
ny state biosolids facilities and processing law
ny state composting facilities and processing law
ny state dental mercury & amalgam recycling law
ny state dry cleaner regulations
ny state electronics recycling and reuse act
ny state environmental conservation law
ny state fluorescent lamp management regulations
ny state green cleaning law
ny state hazardous packaging act
ny state hazardous waste management regulations
ny state lawn litter law
ny state mercury-added consumer product law
ny state motor oil regulations
ny state municipal waste reduction and recycling program
ny state pesticide notification law
ny state plastic bag reduction, reuse, and recycling act
ny state public employees occupational safety and health standards
ny state rechargeable battery recycling law
ny state recycling emblems guidelines
ny state recycling mandate
ny state regulated medical waste law
ny state returnable container law or "bottle bill"
ny state sharps collection law
ny state solid waste management policy
ny state solid waste management and resource recovery facilities law
ny state universal waste standards
ny state used electronic equipment regulations
ny state waste tire management and recycling act
ny state waste transporter law
ny state wireless recycling act

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federal asbestos hazard emergency response act
federal ballast regulations
federal battery transportation regulations
federal biosolids regulations
federal clean air act
federal comprehensive procurement guidelines for products containing recovered materials
federal consumer product safety act
federal dry cleaner regulations
federal food drug and cosmetic act
federal environmentally preferable acquisition regulations
federal guidelines for procurement of energy-efficient products
federal guides for the use of environmental marketing claims
federal hazardous materials transportation law
federal hazardous substances act
federal hazardous waste management regulations
federal hazardous waste management regulations for electronics
federal insecticide, fungicide, and rodenticide act
federal mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases
federal mercury-containing and rechargeable battery law
federal occupational safety and health act
federal poison prevention packaging act
federal pollution provention act
federal resource conservation and recovery act
federal source separation for materials recovery guidelines
federal toxic substances control act
federal universal waste rule
national emissions standards for asbestos
us epa final guidance on environmentally preferable purchasing

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