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Discarding Yard Waste at Fresh Kills Compost Site


In order to discard yard waste at the Fresh Kills Compost Site, you must present the following to the Fresh Kills Compost Site scale attendant upon arrival:
  1. Active BWPRR Compost Site Permit Card that is associated with the specific truck you want that contains the yard waste you want to discard.
  2. Valid debit or credit card.
  3. State whether the yard waste you want to discard comes from an Asian Long-Horned Beetle quarantine area.

important information regarding discarding yard waste
yard waste off- loading procedures    

Important Information Regarding Discarding Yard Waste

Only the following types of material will be accepted at the Fresh Kills Compost Site: leaves, brush, grass clippings, horse manure, Christmas trees, wood chips, stumps, and logs.

Note: the size of trees, stumps, and logs must be less than 32 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length. Loads containing any other materials will be rejected.

The cost to discard yard waste is $10 per cubic yard multiplied by the registered cubic-yard capacity of your truck. For example, if the permit for your truck shows that it is 8 cubic yards, you will be charged $80 to discard yard waste using that truck. This is the case even if the truck isn’t filled to capacity.

All transactions once initiated are final. Once a credit or debit card has been processed, there will be no refunds.

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Yard Waste Off-Loading Procedures 

At the completion of the yard waste disposal transaction, a Compost Site Permit Program Transaction Receipt (DS1637A) is generated and given to driver to retain for his or her records. The Fresh Kills Compost Site scale attendant will then instruct the driver to proceed to the yard waste dumping area.

Upon arriving at the dumping area, the Fresh Kills site attendant will direct the truck to the proper off-loading area. Trucks that have material infected with the Asian Long-Horned Beetle will be instructed to dump in a separate pile where material will be chipped within 24 hours.

The Fresh Kills site attendant will reject any load that contains unacceptable materials. Any material that is rejected by the Fresh Kills site attendant must be reloaded on the truck by the truck driver and removed from the compost site. No credit will be issued if all or part of any load is rejected. Landscapers who persistently deliver loads that are rejected may have their DSNY/BWPRR Compost Site Permit cards suspended.

After the truck is unloaded, the driver must then proceed safely to the exit, observing all posted traffic signs.

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