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How to Purchase Compost at Fresh Kills Compost Site


In order to purchase compost at the Fresh Kills Compost Site, you must present the following three things to the Fresh Kills Compost Site scale attendant upon arrival:

  1. Active BWPRR Compost Site Permit Card that is associated with the specific truck you want to load with compost.
  2. Valid debit or credit card.
  3. Tarp (with associated cords) that is of a sufficient size and strength to completely cover and retain compost once it is loaded in the bed of your truck.

important information regarding compost sales
compost loading procedures  

Important Information Regarding Compost Sales

Compost is sold for $10 per cubic yard multiplied by the registered cubic-yard capacity of your truck. For example, if the permit capacity for your truck is 8 cubic yards, you will be charged $80 to purchase compost using that truck.

Your truck may not be able to carry the maximum quantity of compost that it is registered to carry, especially when the compost is wet. Nevertheless, you will still be charged $10 times the cubic yard capacity of your truck.

All transactions once initiated are final. Once a credit or debit card has been processed and a compost sales load order generated, there will be no refunds.

No vehicle will be loaded with compost if doing so will create a potentially unsafe driving condition for that vehicle.

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Compost Loading Procedures 

Two copies of a Compost Site Permit Program Transaction Receipt (DS1637A) are generated at the completion of the compost sales transaction. The Fresh Kills Compost Site scale attendant will give both copies to the driver, who will then be instructed to go to the screened compost loading area.

Upon arriving at the loading area, the driver will give both copies of the DS1637A to the front end loader operator, who will then proceed to load the truck with compost.

After the truck is loaded with compost, the front end loader operator and the driver will sign both copies of the DS1637A and retain a copy for his or her own records.

Before exiting the Fresh Kills Compost Site, the driver must cover the load of compost using the tarp previously presented to the Fresh Kills Compost Site scale attendant. Failure to do so may lead to immediate suspension from the BWPRR Compost Site Permit Program.

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