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Soil Health & Compost


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Soil conditions typical in New York City yards are not ideal for growing plants and turf. In most cases the soil was brought in after houses were built, and it was put down in a thin layer over construction fill material. This soil tends to be compact with little or no organic matter.

These "hostile" conditions make it difficult for plants and lawn to get the water and nutrients needed for healthy, sustainable, green growth. Applications of quick-release chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides only further stress the plants and turf-making them more susceptible to the very things you are trying to prevent or cure.

Leaving grass clippings on the lawn returns much-needed organic material and water back to the soil. Here's more information to help you to practice preventative medicine in your yard by maintaining good soil health:

what is soil
simple soil test
healthy soil structure
quitting chemicals
compost & aggregates
compost & nutrients
compost & soil pH
compost & soil ecology

compost/mulch request form for nyc street trees

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