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How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Use the formular below to figure out how much mulch you need.

1. Multiply your garden’s length by the width (in feet) to find the area’s square footage.

2. Check the organic and inorganic mulch charts to see how deep the mulch should be. (If you plan to use cover crops as a living mulch, you will need to determine the amount of seed needed to ensure full coverage of the beds. If you plan to use evergreen boughs, you can use 1 to several layers of boughs on the areas needing mulch. The boughs should be removed from perennial beds in the spring. And, if you choose to work with landscape fabric, you will need to make sure you have at least 1 layer of material to mulch plantings. Remember that there needs to be a three to six inch overlap where two sheets of material meet. This will help insure that weeds and grasses don't find their way to sunlight.)

3. Multiply the area of your garden in square feet (from #1) by the depth of mulch in inches (from #2).

4. Divide the number you get (from #3) by 324. This is the number of cubic yards of mulch that you need (most mulch is sold in cubic yards).

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