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Composting in Your Clients Yard

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In addition to the information below, the NYC Compost Project holds periodic workshops and seminars on mulch-mowing and composting for landscaping professionals and institutional grounds managers.

providing backyard composting services
purchasing low cost compost bins
getting started in your clients yard

Providing Backyard Composting Services

If you are providing landscaping services for a private residence, you can offer backyard composting as an additional service. Many consumers today are interested in protecting the environment and are particularly concerned when it comes to their own backyards. Offering composting services to your clients adds value and credibility to your business, and enhances your business reputation as an environmentally conscious landscaper. (See information on the benefits of composting.)

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Purchasing Low-Cost Compost Bins

Many commercial compost bins available are compact and neat, and can be easily integrated with the landscape. If you strategically market composting as a service and educate the homeowner, both you and your client can successfully recycle garden material and kitchen scraps on-site using a compost bin. Our composting guides have basic and detailed information on different aspects of how to compost. Especially useful for landscaping professionals are the guides to leaving grass clippings on the lawn, mulching, and using compost.

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Getting Started in Your Clients Yard

After consultation with your client, set up the compost bin in an appropriate location that's accessible and convenient. Provide literature (available through NYC Compost Project sites ) to your client and take the time to explain how to compost properly. You can also encourage your client to contact the NYC Compost Project directly for information.

Keep a stockpile of dry, carbon materials (fall leaves are best) available if the client intends to compost food scraps. Offer to aerate the bin as part of your services-aerators are fairly inexpensive and are easier to use than shovels or pitchforks. Use the finished compost when planting or mulching.

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