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Outdoor Composting

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NYC is the most densely populated U.S. city. While backyards don't often come to mind when people think of New York, many people in the five boroughs do in fact have access to a backyard or a community garden. These outdoor spaces may be smaller than their suburban counterparts, but they still provide plenty of room for an outdoor compost bin.

Follow these simple steps to begin composting with an outdoor bin. Or take a composting workshop offered by the NYC Compost Project.

setting up your bin
materials to compost and how to add them
checking moisture
turning the compost pile
how to know when compost is done

For help with composting problems, see the guide on troubleshooting outdoor composting

leave it on the lawn 
indoor composting
other ways to recycle food scraps
using your compost
composting equipment
composting workshops

For a downloadable booklet on backyard composting, see current composting literature available for download.

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