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Adding Food Scraps To Your Worm Bin


wash, freeze, microwave or chop-up food scraps
add food scraps
cover the food scraps

outdoor composting
other ways to recycle food scraps
using your compost
composting equipment

Wash, Freeze, Microwave or Chop-Up Food Scraps   photo: Wash, Freeze, Microwave or Chop-Up Food Scraps

Before you add any fruit or vegetable waste, take the time to scrub the skins before placing them in the bin. This will wash off any fruit fly eggs that already might be present and will greatly reduce your risk of fruit fly infestations. You can also microwave the food scraps for 10 seconds, freeze them, or chop them into small pieces to reduce the risk of fruit flies.

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Add Food Scraps 

The best materials to add to a worm bin are washed fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags (remove the staples), egg shells, paper napkins and towels, and dead plants and flowers. Remember to feed worms a varied diet and don't overload the bin with fruit, or you'll attract fruit flies.

photo: add food scraps

You can feed your worms small amounts every day or give them their whole week's food supply at one time. Large items, such as broccolli stalks, should be cut up. Move some bedding aside and add your food scraps. Then, cover the food with bedding. Each time you feed the worms, bury the food scraps in a different part of the bin.

Do not feed your worms meat, fish, cirtrus, or dairy products. These items will produce odors and attract flies as they decompose. It is generally not a good idea to feed your worms leftovers, even if they do not include fish or meat, since they also tend to produce odors and attract fruit flies. In general, try experimenting with what works in your bin and what doesn't—but be advised that once your bin has a fruit fly problem, it's hard to get rid of!

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Cover Food Scraps photo: Cover Food Scraps

Bury the food scraps well underneath the newspaper or other bedding material you are using. Do not leave food scraps exposed on top of the bin. Covering the food scraps with bedding is the easiest way to avoid having a fruit fly problem!

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