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Organics Collection in Agencies & Institutions


Organics collection is available to city agencies and other non-profit institutions in select geographic areas of the City. Learn about the enrollment process below.

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develop a plan
how to successfully run the program

what goes in the organics bin
pilot areas
bin requirements
bag requirements

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Submit Your Request

If you are interested in having your agency or institution participate in NYC Organics Collection, let us know by filling out the online inquiry form. If you have specific questions that cannot be answered here, contact us (in the Message section, indicate the Organics Collection Program).

After submitting the online inquiry form, your building will be added to a list of interested buildings. DSNY will be in touch once your form is processed to discuss next steps.

NOTE: Buildings located in the existing pilot areas will receive first priority. However, if you are not in an existing pilot area, we still want to hear from you. The demand for organics collection services by buildings in other areas of the city will be taken to account as we expand to new neighborhoods.

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Develop a Plan

DSNY will work with you to develop a cohesive building-wide plan that:

  • identifies building management leadership committed to provide and maintain resources & equipment for organics collection, to motivate & educate tenants to participate, and to maintain communications with DSNY
  • outlines how you will set up your building for organics collection
  • describes how you will motivate and educate tenants
  • designates who will be responsible to monitor and maintain the program over time

DSNY will conduct a site visit to help you to plan.

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How to Successfully Run the Program

In order to make the food waste collection program successful:

  1. Ensure the commitment of:
    • building and facilities staff
    • food and kitchen staff (if applicable)
    • management
    • on-site waste-generators (students, residents, employees, visitors, members)
  2. Educate participants about the program, including what composting is and why we do it, what materials area accepted, what process your organization uses to collect materials, and any other relevant information.  
  3. Assign a program manager whose regular duties include managing the food waste collection program and overseeing the collection areas.
  4. Ensure proper bin set-up and signage in the food waste collection areas to increase participation and reduce contamination.
  5. Confirm that maintenance staff knows the DSNY collection schedule.

Detailed programmatic requirements for site partners (such as collection schedules and bin specifications) will be provided once your site is added to the program.

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