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Organics Collection Compostable Bags


The Organics Collection Program is rolling out service to selected neighborhoods in all five boroughs. See below for pilot areas that are receiving service in Fall 2013.

how to line your bin
dsny-approved compostable liners
paper lawn & leaf bags

what goes in the organics bin

How to Line your Organics Bin

Participants don’t need to line the kitchen container or organics bin. However, if they want to line the containers, they should use newspaper, paper bags, or cardboard. Participants can also use DSNY-approved compostable liners, which can be composted with food scraps. Certified-compostable liners are made of plant-based materials that break down in our composting process. Plastic and "biodegradable" bags are not accepted. They do not break down, contaminating the compost and affecting its quality, value, and potential uses.

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DSNY-Approved Compostable Liners

Acceptable liners must be tinted green and bear the certified BPI-USCC COMPOSTABLE logo

CAUTION! Bags without this logo, are not accepted in the program - even if they're labeled "biodegradable." Grocery stores and supermarkets often provide green-tinted plastic bags in the produce aisle. These are not usually compostable, as they are often made from regular plastic (and are sometimes labeled biodegradable). If the certified BPI-USCC COMPOSTABLE logo is not printed on the bag, do not place it in the brown bin.

The following compostable liners are approved for use in this pilot program. If you would like to get your compostable liner approved by DSNY, contact us.

BioBag Compostable Bags
by BioGroupUSA

EcoSafe~6400 Compostable Bags
by Presto Products

Glad Compostable Bags
by Glad/Clorox

Untrash Compostable Bags
by Ucan Products

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Paper Lawn & Leaf Bags

Yard waste including leaves, grass and garden clippings should be set out in the organics bin, in an unlined rigid container, or in paper lawn & leaf bags. Yard waste set out in plastic bags will be collected as trash!

Lawn & leaf bags can be purchased online or at participating local retailers including home improvement and hardware stores.

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Certified-compostable Liners and Paper Lawn & Leaf Bags can be purchased online or at participating local stores, including the ones listed below.

Check back as we add more retailers to this list!

Staten Island

  • Ace Hardware: 647 Forest Ave. (between Bement Ave. and Oakland Ave.)
  • Beyar's Market: 2241 Victory Blvd. (between Connor Ave. & Ingram Ave.)
  • Doody Home Center: 1677 Victory Blvd. (between Beechwood Pl. & Hodges Pl.)
  • Garber's Do It Best Hardware: 4890 Arthur Kill Rd. (between Outerbridge Crossing and Richmond Valley Rd.)
  • Met Foods Victory: 1795 Victory Blvd (between Manor Rd. & Raymond Ave.)
  • Met Foods Hylan: 1177 Hylan Blvd (between Clove Rd. & Parkinson Ave.)
  • Path Mark Super Center: 1351 Forest Ave. (between Barrett Ave. & Hamlin Pl.)
  • Reimans True Value Hardware: 1825 Victory Blvd. (between S. Greenleaf Ave. & Raymond Ave.)

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