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NYC - recycle more, waste less New York City Recycles NYC Department of Sanitation
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      More About Sanitation
      Site Map

Recycle More in NYC
      What to Recycle with Sanitation
      Recycling at Home
      Apartment Building Recycling Initiative
      Recycling in Schools
      Recycling in Agencies & Institutions
      Recycling in Businesses
      Public Space Recycling
      Recycling at Street Events
      What Happens to Recyclables

Waste Less in NYC
      Waste Less at Home
      Waste Less at School
      Waste Less at Work

Get Rid of Stuff
      How To
      Disposal Guidelines
      Harmful Household Products
      Reuse it NYC
      Take it Back NYC

Organics in NYC
      Collections & Drop-offs
      NYC Compost Project
      Compost & Mulch Distribution
      Educational Tools

Laws & Directives
      About Local, State & Federal Legislation
      Composting & Organics
      Toxics Reduction & Handling
      Environmental Purchasing
      Sales & Marketing
      Source Reduction

      View Calendar
      Submit an Event

      Connect With Us
      Reports & Stats
      Promotional Materials
      What's in NYC's Waste
      History of NYC Recycling
      All About Plastics
      Helpful Links
      Products & Services
      Fun & Interactive Pages
      Frequently Asked Questions

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