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Items Requiring Special Disposal

Sanitation Will Not Pick Up

How to Dispose Items Sanitation Will Not Pick Up

  • SAFE Event: Sanitation collects many harmful household products, electronics, medications, and cell phones for recycling and safe disposal.
  • Special Waste Drop Off Site: NYC residents may bring select harmful materials to one of Sanitation’s Household Special Waste Drop-Off Sites
  • Return Programs: You can drop off certain items that are required by law to be accepted by retailers or manufacturers.
  • Donation or Exchanges: If items are in good condition consider donation or exchange.

Sanitation Will Pick Up

  • Cleaning Liquids: Must be dried out and double bagged. Liquids must not be flammable.
  • Paint: Must be dried out and double bagged before placing in the trash c.
  • Broken Glass: Must be double bagged.
  • Six Pack Rings: Cut rings before discarding.
  • Sharp Objects (other than needles): Knives and similar metal objects should be wrapped in cardboard and secured with tape. Label the package “Caution: Sharp” and placed in your recycling.
  • Mattresses: Must be placed out in a sealed bag to prevent the spread of bed bugs.
  • Appliances containing CFCs & Freon: Must schedule an appointment with Sanitation.

Tips for Handling Harmful Household Products

For a complete list of harmful household products and information on how to safely use, handle and dispose harmful household products, read Sanitation’s Harmful Household Products Guide (PDF).

Special Programs
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