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Recycling Pick Up

Recycling Collection Schedule

Use Sanitation’s collection schedule tool to find out when your recycling will be picked up. Place your recyclables and refuse at the curb the night before your collection day.

Sanitation does not collect recyclables on federal holidays. If one of these holidays falls on your regular pick-up day, keep your recyclables until your next regular pick up day.

How to Set Your Recycling Out

All recyclables must be placed out in clear bags or in properly labeled bins in three different waste streams:

  • Paper & cardboard: Place paper in clear bags or in any bin labeled PAPER RECYCLING or with outdoor green recycling decals. Flatten and bundle corrugated cardboard, or break unsoiled boxes down and place in recycling bin or bag.
  • Metal, glass, plastic & cartons: Empty and rinse food and beverage containers before recycling (this helps to control pests). Place all recyclable metal, glass, plastic, and cartons together in clear bags, or in any bin labeled METAL, GLASS & PLASTIC or with outdoor blue recycling decals.
  • Bulk items containing mostly metal or rigid plastic: Place items too large for bins or bags next to recycling containers. Make an appointment with Sanitation if an item, such as a refrigerator or an air conditioner, contains Freon or CFCs.

If Your Super Sets Out Your Recycling

If you live in an apartment building with a super or building manager, you still must keep your recyclables separate from regular garbage. Please recycle according to your building management instructions. Recycling set out areas are often identified with Sanitation recycling area decals.

If you would like to see recycling improved in your apartment building, see if you are eligible to participate in the Apartment Building Recycling Initiative.

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