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Compost Demonstration Site Program

Program Overview

The NYC Compost Project Demonstration Site Program recognizes community based compost sites that have exemplary composting operations and are committed to teaching New Yorkers about the benefits of composting.

Program Eligibility

  • Have a designated person who is willing to serve as a compost contact: This person serves as the main point of contact with the NYC Compost Project and helps ensure that the site meets demonstration site standards.
  • Have an actively managed composting system for at least 6 months. A compost site's system is actively managed when one or more persons are working to both address problems and make finished compost.
  • Have a successful composting system that can serve as a model for other sites. This means that the compost site has limited operational issues (pests, odors, etc.) and produces finished compost.
  • Maintain an ongoing and active relationship with local NYC Compost Project. Keep local NYC Compost Project up to date about your compost operations and help promote NYC Compost Project activities.
  • Post an NYC Compost Project Demonstration Site sign (PDF). The sign is approximately 1.5' x 1' and attaches easily to fences.
  • Educate others about composting by annually completing two of the following:

­    Host a tour of your compost site.

­    Host another compost-related activity, such as a public workday or tabling event.

­    Distribute NYC Compost Project literature at your site.

­    Have an NYC Compost Project Master Composter associated with your site.

How to Enroll

If your organization would like to become a NYC Compost Project Demonstration Site, or needs technical composting assistance, please contact the NYC Compost Project site in your borough.


For more information on managing a community compost site, read the Community Compost Site Tip Sheet (PDF).

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