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Program Overview

NYC apartment buildings are eligible to participate in an innovative program that provides buildings with a free and convenient service to pick up and recycle unwanted electronics. Starting April 2015, it will be illegal for you to discard most electronics in the trash.

Program Eligibility

Live in, work in, or manage a residential building with ten or more units

How to Enroll

To express interest in participating in e-cycleNYC, complete an online inquiry form.

How the Program Works

Once e-cycleNYC staff follow up with your application, you can choose from a variety of service options that suit your building size:

  1. Room Cleanouts: e-cycleNYC removes electronics self-stored by participating buildings. (buildings with 10 or more units)
  2. Storage Bins: e-cycleNYC provides your building with a locking bin to store electronics. There are two bin sizes available, a small bin (2 ft. deep x 4 ft. wide x 5 ft. high) and a large bin (2 ft. deep x 5.5 ft. wide x 6 ft. high). (buildings with 50 or more units):
  3. Building Events: e-cycleNYC removes electronics during pre-scheduled (must be scheduled more than 60 days in advance), outdoor events that buildings organize for their residents. (buildings with 250 or more units)


Does the program require extra work for building staff? While this program does need to be overseen by building staff, it should be much easier than the labor of bringing heavy electronics to the curb.

What electronics are accepted? To keep this program free of charge, e-cycleNYC must restrict our program to items that are on the list of accepted electronics. The list includes cable satellite boxes, computers, fax-machines, hard-drives, keyboards, laptops, mice, mobile-phones, monitors, mp3-players, printers-scanners, small-servers, tablets, tvs, vcrs, dvrs, dvd players and video game consoles.

What electronics are not accepted? Sanitation will not accept appliances, rechargeable batteries, batteries, light bulbs and CFLs.

Why should I enroll? Recycling electronic equipment keeps harmful materials out of the waste stream and the environment. While safe to use, electronics often contain lead, mercury, and other hazardous materials and today they make up the largest and fastest growing component of the hazardous materials entering the waste stream.

How is the program funded? Sanitation partnered with Electronic Recyclers International to develop e-cycle.

How can I recycle electronics if I am not eligible to participate in e-cycle? You can recycle your electronics through a return or trade in program.


For more information about e-cycleNYC read the e-cycleNYC Brochure (PDF).

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