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How to Recycle Electronics

All residents can recycle electronics. If you live in an apartment building you may be eligible to participate in Sanitation’s electronic recycling pick up program.

Drop Off

  • Return Programs: Manufacturers must accept your electronics for recycling free of charge. State Law requires retailers or manufacturers to accept most electronic items.
  • Trade-In Programs: These programs will accept your items for recycling even if they are appraised at little or no value.
  • SAFE Events: Sanitation collects harmful products, electronics, medications and mobile phones for recycling and safe disposal.

Pick up

  • E-cycleNYC: NYC apartment buildings larger than 10 units will soon be eligible to participate in a program that provides buildings with free and convenient service to pick-up and recycle unwanted electronics. To express interest in participating in e-cycleNYC, complete an online inquiry form.

Donation & Exchanges

If your electronics still work consider donating, exchanging or selling the items.

Special Programs
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