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Program Overview

Re-fashioNYC is a partnership between the Sanitation and Housing Works to make clothing donation as easy as possible through convenient in-building drop-off service, that allow you to make donations from the convenience of your own building or office whenever you want. re-fashioNYC is 100% nonprofit and charitable.

Program Eligibility

Live in, work in, or manage a residential building with ten or more units

How to Enroll

  1. Submit an online application. Submit an online enrollment program inquiry form to apply.
  2. Fill out a full application. We will then send you a program application where you will need to include contact information for an on-site staff person (an on-site manager, custodian, porter, doorman, or other on-site employee) who we will train to be a designated bin monitor.
  3. Re-fashioNYC staff will then contact you directly. We will schedule a site visit and provide you with a re-fashioNYC Service Plan to set up the donation bin by your building. You will receive a bin within two weeks.

How the Program Works

  1. Drop off your clothing items in plastic bags. After you receive your bin, we encourage donations of any clean fabric or material, including clothing, towels, linens, curtains, or clean rags; as well as shoes and accessories such as belts and handbags. Clear plastic bags are encouraged as they help to prevent the spread of bed bugs and other pests. All bins include graphics that instruct people how to use the bin.
  2. Call us when your bin is full. Simply call or email us when a pickup is needed. The designated bin monitor should email or call 212-437-4678. We guarantee collection within 5 business days. Donation bins are designed with a side panel window so you will be able to see when the bin is full. If your bin fills up on a regular basis, we can pre-schedule set pickups. If anything comes up, you can reach us right away.


Are tax receipts available for my donations? Yes - People who drop donations in the bin that are valued at less than $250 can use the tax receipt forms supplied with the bin itself. Donations over $250 must be brought directly to a Housing Works Thrift Shop location.

What happens to clothes and other items deposited into the re-fashioNYC donation bins? Your donations will be picked up and transported to Housing Works warehouse in Queens for sorting. Donations will then be sold in Housing Works’ shops throughout NYC, Haiti, and other nonprofit thrift shops and used textile merchants for recycling and sale in their stores. In all cases, the profits generated from these sales will benefit low-income and homeless New Yorkers living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Of the many charitable organizations that answered New York City’s partnership offer, Housing Works proposed the best plan for getting the most value out of the donations and routing them back to help New Yorkers in need.

Why can’t clothing be left at the curb for recycling collection? If these materials get wet, their value is destroyed. Placing a free re-fashioNYC donation bin at your building allows people to bring clothing and linens to a convenient and dry location. This ensures that items remain valuable and can go to good use. It also offers a way for us to provide tax receipts for donations.

My building does not have a re-fashioNYC bin; where can I donate clothing and other items? Visit NYC Stuff Exchange to find locations near you where you can donate unwanted clothing and accessories, in addition to books, furniture, electronics, and other gently used goods.


For more information about re-fashioNYC read the re-fashioNYC brochure (PDF).

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