New York City Police Pension Fund
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William Dorney, Chief Information Officer
Reynaldo Brigantty, Director of Application Development
Bruce Afrane, WebMaster
Scott Russo, Network Services
Sanjeev Kumar, Network Services

Sgt. Patrick Boughton, Calendar Preparation
Eileen Boykin, Pension Payroll
Marie Elena Brusco, Director of Administrative Services
Debbie Callender-Edwards, Loan Processing
Fred Cama, Retirement Counseling
Rhonda Cavagnaro, Legal Counsel
John Como, Director of Operations
Sgt. Richard Conte, Integrity Control Officer
Stu Cowan, Training
Selwyn Edwards, Duplication
John Flynn, Management Analysis and Planning
David Held, Membership Services
Kevin Kelly, Retirement Counseling 
Jane Lee, Pension Computation 
Harriet Mills, Safeguards
Charles Mistretta, Financial Management
Ellen Murphy, Human Resources
Abraham Papilsky, Investments and Accounting
Ken Pece, Director Security
Kevin Vincent, Increments