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Information for Tenants

Important Information for Section 8 Tenants

In order to receive Section 8 Rental Assistance and to continue receiving it, you and your family must fulfill certain obligations.  If you fail to meet your obligations under the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, your Section 8 subsidy can be terminated. Please keep this list of obligations available for reference , so that you will know and be able to follow your obligations under the program.  For more program information and phone numbers, log onto the NYCHA website at

YOU MUST RECERTIFY ANNUALLY. EVERYONE 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER THAT LIVES IN THE HOUSEHOLD MUST SIGN ALL REQUIRED FORMS. If your Affidavit of Income (AOI), Assets form and Third Party Verification form is not signed, it will not be accepted as submitted, and you risk receiving a termination notice. It is important for timely processing that you sign all of the forms.


  1. Cross out or strike lines through the document
  2. Use white out
  3. Write “NA” in the boxes


  1. Sign  all pages that require signatures
  2. Write clearly
  3. Answer “Yes” or “No” to all the questions.  Do not leave any questions blank.
  4. Return the entire AOI package to NYCHA using the enclosed postage paid envelope

CHANGES IN INCOME: Changes in income MUST be reported within 30 days so that we may adjust your rent share. NYCHA staff will send you notice if they need additional information to process your interim change. If you do not submit information/documentation necessary to complete your interim recertification, you risk possible termination of subsidy.

SUPPLY INFORMATION:  You must supply any information that Section 8 requires to process your annual or interim recertification.

CHANGES IN FAMILY COMPOSITION:  You must promptly notify the Section 8 office of the birth, adoption, or court-awarded custody of a child, or foster child placement:

  • You must submit a request in writing and receive written approval from your landlord and the Section 8 office before any other person moves into your household.
  • You must notify the Section 8 office in writing within 30 days if any family member no longer lives in the unit, and provide proof with documentation that the family member has left.
  • You must promptly notify NYCHA about the birth, adoption, or court-awarded custody of a child, or foster child placement.
  • Change in medical or child care expenses:  In order to have these expenses deducted from your income, you must provide proof of these expenses.  Medical expense deductions only apply to elderly and disabled head of household.

PERMIT INSPECTIONS:  You must allow NYCHA  Section 8 to inspect the unit annually at reasonable times and after reasonable notice. You also must permit additional inspections when notified by NYCHA.

Failure to allow access to your unit for inspection may result in termination of your subsidy.  You are responsible if the housing unit fails the Section 8 Inspection for any of the following reasons:

  1. If you fail to pay for any utilities that your family is responsible for according to terms of the lease.
  2. If any members of the household or guest damage the dwelling unit or premises beyond normal wear and tear.
  3. If you remove the smoke/carbon monoxide detector or fail to change the batteries.

ACCESS FOR REPAIRS: You must allow your landlord access to make reapirs.  If you fail to allow access for repairs, you risk termination of subsidy.

REPAIRS TO UNIT: Section 8 is not responsible to make repairs in the apartment.  Before contacting NYCHA for a special inspection, contact your landlord/property manager FIRST and advise them that you need something repaired. If you do not receive a response from management, within a reasonable time, then contact the Customer Contact Center.  

REQUEST FOR TRANSFER: You cannot move without authorization from NYCHA. You must first request and be issued a transfer voucher.  Tenants  might be able to move and continue to receive assistance in a new unit IF the following conditions are met:

  1. You give the landlord advance written notice of your intent to vacate the apartment (with a copy to NYCHA).
  2. You submit a release from the landlord, or are within 60 days of lease expiration.
  3. You are not being evicted for non-payment or other serious or repeated violations of your lease.
  4. Your new apartment is inspected and meets Housing Quality Standards, is suitable for the size of your family, and is accepted by Section 8.
  5. Do not move into your new apartment until you receive authorization from NYCHA.
  6. You must return the keys to your old apartment .
  7. You are responsible for security deposit, broker’s fees and moving expenses.
  8. You cannot rent an apartment from a relative.  NYCHA may only approve such a request as part of a reasonable accommodation.
  9. If you are seeking an emergency transfer as a Victim of Domestic Violence or Intimidated Witness or Victim you will be required to furnish supporting documents including police reports, an order of protection, and/or advocacy letters from an organization such as Safe Horizon.


  • Please be advised that you risk termination from the program if the family has engaged/engages in or threatening,  abusive or violent behavior toward NYCHA personnel. This includes creating a disturbance in a NYCHA facility and any assault or attempt to assault a NYCHA employee or security personnel.

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