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Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

What is the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program?

The Family Self-sufficiency (FSS) program is a great opportunity for Section 8 families to achieve economic independence. This HUD initiative refers participating families to educational, career counseling, money management, job training, and placement services. They also receive a savings account that grows as the family’s earned employment income rises. Upon completion of the five-year FSS Contract of Participation, the family receives the accumulated money if no member has received cash public assistance in the 12 months prior. This money may be used to purchase a home, pay for higher education, start a business, or pursue other personal goals. Participating families run no risk to their Section 8 voucher and may continue to receive Section 8 assistance upon graduating from the program provided they continue to meet Section 8 eligibility.  

Families join the program when the head of household commits to achieving personal goals within the five-year contract period. These goals include obtaining and maintaining employment and becoming free of cash public assistance benefits. Additionally, goals may include obtaining a GED or a college education, obtaining job training, etc. Participants fulfill the contract and receive the money in the savings account when they achieve those goals. 

Family Self-Sufficiency Program Contact:
Ernst Louis
(718) 218-1528