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Information for Tenants

Annual Recertification Process

What is the purpose of the recertification process?

  • The recertification process is required annually by HUD regulations, and is a tenant obligation under the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.  Tenants MUST submit family composition and income information to NYCHA for all members of the household in order to continue to receive federal rental assistance.

How does the Annual Recertification process work? 

  • NYCHA’s process for recertification provides ample time for families to comply with their obligations under the terms of their tenancy.
  1. Section 8 tenants MUST complete and SIGN the 36 page Affidavit of Income (AOI) packet that is mailed five months in advance of their lease anniversary date.
  2. In addition, tenants MUST SIGN:

                                   a) Declaration of Assets form;
                                   b) Third Party Verification form; and


    3.    The AOI can be hand delivered to any of NYCHA’s Customer Contact Centers or mailed using the postage paid return envelope enclosed in the AOI packet.

    4.    If all signatures are present and required documentation is provided the packet is approved and a Voucher Change Notice (VCN) is mailed to the family and the landlord. The VCN will show the effective date of any changes to the rent shares.

What happens if my recertification packet is not complete or required documents are not signed?

  • NYCHA will mail a notice requesting additional information (AI) . The notice will identify what documentation is required for NYCHA to complete the recertification.
  1. The (AI) notice requesting additional documentation contains a barcode that identifies the tenant’s case and MUST be mailed back with the necessary documentation. Failure to submit the original bar coded form will delay the process as staff will not be able to scan and review the packet for completeness.
  2. If all signatures are present and required documentation is provided, the packet is approved and a Voucher Change Notice (VCN) is mailed to the family and the landlord. The VCN will show the effective date for any changes to the rent share. 
  3. All additional information can be hand delivered to the CCC or mailed.
  • If NYCHA does not receive your completed package/additional documentation by the required return date (approximately 60 after you received your original AOI package), you will receive a warning notice about possible termination.

What happens if my recertification effective date is reached without completing the process?

  • NYCHA mails three separate notices to families warning them of their failure to recertify, which will result in termination of their subsidy and participation in the program. The first letter is a warning letter, the 2nd is a termination notice, and the 3rd is the final termination notice.
  • At times it may be possible that the tenant will receive a notice within days of a submission of their AOI or additionally requested information. If the notice is received within 1 week of tenant’s submission, no further action is required by the tenant. However, if the second notice is received, the tenant should immediately contact NYCHA as recommended below.
  •  If a family receives a termination notice, they should immediately visit one of NYCHA’s three Customer Contact Centers or call at (718) 707–7771. Staff will inform the tenant of how to request an informal conference or hearing.
  • Receipt of the third letter will be the FINAL notice provided by NYCHA. Your tenancy will be terminated by the date indicated on this letter if you fail to comply.

Where are the Customer Contact Centers located? 

Bronx/Manhattan Leased Housing Office
478 East Fordham Road (1 Fordham Plaza), 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10458

Brooklyn/Staten Island Leased Housing Office 
787 Atlantic Avenue, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Queens Leased Housing Office
90-27 Sutphin Boulevard, 4th Floor
Queens, NY 11435

Where should I mail my AOI packet and additional information? 

New York City Housing Authority

P.O. Box 19196

Long Island City, New York 11101

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Annual Recertification Process [PowerPoint]

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