New York City Housing Authority

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Property Directory

The Property Directory is divided into four sections: the Address Guide, the Development Guide, the Political Districts Guide, and the Block and Lot Guide. These four indexed property data guides provide easy access to information concerning properties owned by NYCHA. 

Each section allows you to search for NYCHA property differently:

Address Guide (in PDF)
The Address Guide is organized by borough with the property addresses listed alphabetically with the development name.

Development Guide (in PDF)
The Development Guide lists the developments alphabetically and includes the address, building and stairhall numbers, as well as any facilities located at the address.

Political Districts Guide (in PDF)
The Political Districts Guide lists the developments alphabetically and includes the Congressional, State Assembly, State Senate, and City Council districts for each address.

Block and Lot Guide (in PDF)
The Block and Lot Guide is organized by borough and lists the tax blocks and lots numerically with the development name and address.

Use our Glossary of Terms for definitions of the variables listed in the Directory.