New York City Housing Authority

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NYCHA Snow Removal Policy

During snowy and icy conditions, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) does everything possible to keep the sidewalks clear for pedestrians, and to ensure the delivery of services and supplies that are essential to normal development operations.

Removal of snow and ice receive priority over all other janitorial and grounds work and under extreme conditions, certain maintenance tasks as well. Section 16-123 of the New York City code mandates that snow and ice be removed from sidewalks within four hours after the snow has stopped falling, or by 11 A.M. if the snow stopped falling after 9 P.M. the previous night. If the snow or ice becomes too frozen to be removed from the sidewalk, ashes, sand, sawdust or, a similar suitable material to provide traction on the slippery surface, must be applied to the sidewalk within the same time limits.

NYCHA's priorities for snow removal include the following areas:
  1. Building entrance steps
  2. Entrance landing and ramps
  3. Interior sidewalks leading directly from buildings
  4. Perimeter sidewalks
  5. Access to fuel oil lines, fire hydrants, and Con Edison manholes

Residents should use caution when walking in snowy and icy conditions. Also please be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep an eye out for motorized snow removal equipment.