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NYCHA Eases Documentation Requirements for Victims of Domestic Violence Requesting Emergency Transfers

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) recently relaxed the documentation requirements for residents requesting emergency transfers because they are Victims of Domestic Violence. The new guidelines include alternative documentation options that are now accepted for qualification to transfer under this Program. NYCHA has made significant changes to the documentation requirements for Emergency Transfers for Victims of Domestic Violence (VDV) who reside in NYCHA developments, and for obtaining a VDV priority status for new applicants to public housing or Section 8 Leased Housing.

These changes, which went into effect in April 2006, allow for greater flexibility in the types of documents which can be submitted. In addition to an expanded list of acceptable documentation, the timeframes for admissible Police Reports and Orders of Protection have been extended.

Under the old policy, VDVs had to submit a Police Report and Order of Protection to be eligible for an Emergency Transfer. Applicants or transfers may now submit certain kinds of medical documents, NYPD detective or Parole Officer letters, or Court Dispute Referral Center letters to replace the Police Report or Order of Protection, if they are unable to obtain the criminal justice documents.

The information below provides specific details on NYCHA’s emergency transfer process including how to know if you qualify, required documentation and offices you can visit to get assistance.

Emergency Transfer Information Sheet (in PDF)
Emergency Transfer Information Sheet - en Español (in PDF)
Definitions of Victims of Domestic Violence
Required Documentation (in PDF)
Required Documentation  - en Español (in PDF )
Where to Go for Assistance