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NYCHA Parking Permit Changes
Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting a notice about changes to my parking?

In March 2013, you should have received a letter informing you of the new parking rates that were to take effect on May 1, 2013, indicating that NYCHA is in the process of converting non-reserved lots to reserved lots. The letter stated that NYCHA is working in partnership with the Greystone Company to administer the Resident Parking Program and to issue parking permits for NYCHA residents and employees. In addition, in April 2013, you should have received a second letter outlying the installment payment option.

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What has changed to the parking program?

In reserved parking, designated spots are painted, numbered with new signs installed; and NYCHA will enforce new rules that include ticketing by police and towing unauthorized vehicles.

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Why are my parking fees being increased?

The changes to the resident parking program will help ensure cleaner and safer parking lots for all residents. The changes will also ensure that parking spaces will only be used by those with valid permits.  The new program will provide enforcement for unauthorized parked vehicles.

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What are the new parking fees?

In reserved parking, spaces are assigned to a renter and the annual fee is $340 a year, or $272 annually for handicapped and seniors.

If you currently pay…

Your new rate will be…

Quarterly Payment Amount









Not applicable - not NYCHA residents

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Do I have to submit my payment all at once? Do you have an installment payment plan?

NYCHA is pleased to offer an installment payment plan if you are a resident of  the 43 developments who is now assigned a parking space in a “Reserved Parking Lot” you have the option to pay the fee in full or you can pay as follows (please see table above):

1st payment (25% of the total amount) is due with your parking application by Tuesday, April 30, 2013.
2nd payment (25% of the total amount) is due on or before Thursday, August 1, 2013.
3rd payment (25% of the total amount) is due on or before Friday November 1, 2013.
4th and last payment (25% of the total amount) is due on or before Friday February 28, 2014.

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Will NYCHA be offering this installment payment plan going forward?

At this time, this option is only available for the current parking permit cycle starting May 1, 2013 and expiring on April 30, 2014 for those residents that park at the 43 reserved parking lots. 

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What will happen if I fail to make my installment payments on time?

Residents, who fail to submit any of the required payments on the scheduled date, will be at risk of having their car ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. In addition, you may lose your parking privileges in NYCHA parking lots. Once NYCHA has issued a permit to you, the four (4) quarterly payments are due for the entire year, whether you have used your parking space or not.

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What is NYCHA doing about the parking permits expiring on April 30, 2013?

NYCHA is also aware that parking permits are expiring on April 30, 2013; NYCHA will extend parking permits until May 15, 2013.

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What if I already paid my parking fees in full, can I receive a refund so I can pay in 4 installments?

NYCHA will not be able to issue refunds for those residents who have already submitted the full payment with the application, because your permit is already being processed.

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How is this different from the current parking program?

In partnership with NYCHA, the Greystone Company will also manage enforcement of unauthorized use of NYCHA parking lots—a source of frustration for those who have had valid parking permits.

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I prefer to pay less for non-reserve parking; can I continue to do so?

No, because NYCHA will continue this conversion process until all of our parking lots are reserved spaces; the current conversion of 43 developments takes effect May 1, 2013.

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Will all parking rates be increased for the remaining non-reserved parking lots?

NYCHA will be converting all non-reserved parking lots to reserved spaces, at that time the rates will be increased.

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How do I go about applying for a parking permit?

Please visit

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What are the developments that now have reserved parking?

There are currently 43 parking lots that are reserved.


Bronx Developments - TDSBrooklyn Developments - TDSManhattan Developments - TDSQueens Developments - TDS
Bronx River - 032Bayview - 092131 St. Nicholas Ave - 154Bland - 054
Bronx River Addition - 157Borinquen Plaza I - 243333 E 111th St - 203Pomonok - 053
Justice Sotomayor - 067Borinquen Plaza II - 271Bracetti Plaza - 254 
Marble Hill - 049Bushwick II Group A & C - 302Carver - 058 
Monroe - 088Bushwick II Group B & D - 303Clinton - 123 
Randall Ave-Balcom Ave - 245Coney Island - 094Corsi - 199 
Throggs Neck - 063Coney Island I (Site 4 & 5) - 216Gompers - 100 
Throggs Neck Addition - 193Coney Island I (Site 8) - 238Lehman Village - 101 
 Farragut - 029Marshall - 344 
 Gravesend - 068Rutgers - 099 
 Haber - 142Smith - 027 
 Independence - 140Taft - 097 
 Lafayette - 122UPACA (Site 5) - 343 
 Marlboro - 083UPACA (Site 6) - 355 
 Reid Apartments - 167  
 Surfside Gardens - 170  
 Tompkins - 131  
 Williams Plaza - 128  

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Where do I send my completed applications and payments to?

NYCHA will no longer accept payments or applications via mail or in person at our offices. Please send your applications and payments to:

NYCHA Parking Services
C/O Greystone
505 Eighth Avenue, Suite 300
New York, NY 10018

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Who do I contact If I have any questions related to the application process, or the resident parking program?

Please visit You can also contact Greystone Customer Service at 212-268-9418, or via email on

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